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Due to the upcoming Nanowrimo, I’ve begun working on my writing again.  To be honest, I’d almost given up on my muse, who hasn’t inspired me to write a letter since before the death of my Mother in May.  Heck, It’s probably been more than a year since I’ve written anything in actuality.  I might even go so far as to say that I’ve been clinically depressed!

For some reason though, this new year of Nanowrimo has brought out some real enthusiasm with this new story that I’ve decided to write.  I’ve decided on a working title:  “Hunter:  Witch Hunter” and eventually I plan to take this new work and merge it with my old “Demon Hunter Diaries” to create one single complete work.  It will be my first finished work if it all pulls together as planned.

“Hunter:  Witch Hunter” will be a paranormal detective mystery set in Las Vegas, NV.  It focuses on the Protagonist Jett Hunter, a 30 something police detective who stumbles upon a coven of very ancient and very established witches living and killing in Las Vegas.  Having trained at the Chicago Police Academy, and being a homicide detective with a very logical mind, Jett must overcome the limitations of his mind and accept the fact that the supernatural truly does exist.  If he is to be successful in solving the series of crimes that he’s stumbled on to, he is going to have to learn a thing or two about Magic.  This, of course, is in direct opposition to how he is supposed to be thinking and creates a great deal of tension in his Las Vegas precinct house.

Over the next month I will be exploring the world of Jett Hunter through a series of short stories.  I will write a new short story for each character, and attempt to build a world based upon these characters.  I WILL be posting these short stories here on “Dark Mind.”  I would encourage any readers of this work to critique or offer up ideas that might make the stories more interesting, exciting, or by providing any information regarding the magical aspects that might make the situations presented seem more accurate or real.  Additionally, if you or someone that you know has any experience working with the police or has any experience in police policy or procedure can contribute time for an interview, I’d be greatly appreciative!

I thank you all in advance, and look forward to hearing from any of my readers!

Greetings fellow bloggers!

My name is Michael Hamilton and I am a beginner novelist and an intermediate writer.  I’m obviously not famous, but I have done work in the past as a technical writer for “Des Moines Iowa Extreme Paranormal Advanced Research Team,” and also as co-writer of  “Ghost Town,” a perfectly dreadful little script turned short film by Dark Art Films out of Ankeny, Iowa.  I have competed in Nanowrimo for five seasons, only completing the task twice, but with framework for potentially interesting novels yet to be grown in the future.  In my spare time I like to grow flowers and garden.  I write a blog on blogger about the plants I grow which can be found here: .  When I learn a bit more about Word Press, I’ll figure out how to add working links.  Until then, please feel free to copy and paste that link to your address bar.

It was never my intention to start a writing blog until well after I had published my first novel, but considering how the past three years have been going, if I didn’t do it now it would most likely never happen.  “Why not?” one would ask?  Well, perhaps the best reason is because LIFE has a real problem with getting in my way.  It gets in the way of everything I want to do with my time, dadgumit!

About seven years ago I was disabled while performing a lifting task at work, and I herniated the L5-S1 disk in my lower back.  If you don’t know which one that is, it’s the great big giant one at the very base of your back.  It was the second time that I had herniated that particular disk, and I guess it was just too much for the poor thing to take, because it started acting very “not friendly” toward me.  After two surgeries, Workman’s Compensation battles, years of litigation, and years of incredibly distracting pain, I finally gave up and filed for disability.  Upon receipt of Social Security Disability Insurance I decided that it was time to follow my dream and become a novelist.  (Well…maybe it wasn’t my FIRST dream, but it was up pretty high on the list.)  I am now considered a Chronic Pain Patient and my life is filled with drowsiness and sleep due to the amounts of medication that I take.

One would think that writing is a very logical thing to do considering my situation, but alas, it’s not.  The doctor has given me a list of things to do and not to do and one of those things that I’m not supposed to do is sit in any one position for more than twenty minutes at a time.  If you know ANYTHING about writing, than you can imagine how this could impede someone with lofty goals like mine!

The purpose in my creation of this blog is to share my thoughts and musings on the subject of writing.  I want to share examples of my writing style and get some basic feedback from people telling me whether or not I can clearly communicate through this medium.  I am not the best speaker in the world, and I’ve always been told that it was best for me to convey my thoughts via written word, so I’m going to need help from YOU, the reader, in determining whether or not my dream is an achieveable one.  This blog is an open blog, and I encourage every one of you that stumbles upon it to comment on anything and everything, from sentence structure, on through spelling, and even into plot.  I need to learn, even if it hurts.

So, I’d like to thank each one of you in advance for your contributions to this blog.  More will follow this post very soon.  I look forward to getting to know everyone!